Those that use the services or have purchased from ComputerRepairPro Service accept the following terms and conditions:

Services provided.

  •  5 day warranty on all computer repair services, however any fault deemed to have resurfaced as a result of miss-use by the user, will not be covered by this warranty. ComputerRepairPro will determine whether an issue has not been resolved correctly or has resurfaced as a result of miss-use.
  • ComputerRepairPro Service offers a manufacturers 12 month warranty on all new hardware sold.
  • If ComputerRepairPro Service is called out for warranty purposes and the problem is a result of another issue or piece of hardware then the client will be charged the standard fee.

ComputerRepairPro Service will in no way be liable to the client or any third party for any accidental, consequential or indirect damage

resulting from the provision of the service. This includes but is not limited to:

  •  Damage to hardware
  •  Corruption or damage to software
  •  Data loss or data corruption
  •  Any damages related to downtime, interruption of business services, loss of profit or damage to goodwill.


  •  ComputerRepairPro Service accepts cash or cheque only. No credit card facilities available.
  •  Payment is to made at the completion of services rendered.
  • All goods supplied by ComputerRepairPro Service are charged separately from the service charges.
  •  All visits by ComputerRepairPro Service are chargeable.
  •  ComputerRepairPro Service may at any time change the price goods and services without giving notice to the client.

Software copyright

  •  ComputerRepairPro Service will not be responsible to the client or any third party for any breach of any software licence in respect of software provided to ComputerRepairPro Service by the client to be installed on a clients computer.
  • The client warrants that it has a valid licence in respect of such software and shall indemnify ComputerRepairPro Service against any loss, damage, costs, harm or other expense whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly as a result of ComputerRepairPro Service installing software at the request of the client.

Same day servicing

  •  Same day servicing only applies where the request has been made prior to 9am weekdays, and if ComputerRepairPro Computer Repairs is not booked out for that day.


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