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 Mac Repairs Mosman

At Computer Repair Pro we service and repair all Macs big and small in Mosman. Whether you have an older NON INTEL or even earlier INTEL BASED MACBOOKS and IMACS there is always room for improvement without spending alot of money!

  • Complete System Refurbishments !
  • Hard drive upgrades from SLOW TO FAST !
  • Extra Ram – the boost juice every mac needs!
  • Video Card Upgrades – Some IMACS can have this done!
  • New OSX installations – Fixes alot of Problems especially with the Internet!
  • White / Silver / Black we have them all covered !

Mac Repairs on the North Shore of Sydney – Helping You Solve Even The Most Agonising Problems 

If you are looking for mac repairs in mosman and you want nothing but the best quality in town, you’ve come to the right place.

So whether be it adhoc support in an emergency situation or annual maintenance cover that you require, you can rest assured, we are the best men for the job.

Here are a few reasons people choose us:

Our technicians are the most experienced you’ll find around.

-We offer motherboard (chip level logic board) repair with an incredible success rate of 90%. Even if you have a non-repairable motherboard, we can still offer a reasonable rate to replace them.

Some Agonising Problems We Help Solve On a Daily Basis Include

*Water Damage

Water damage gets worse over time. So when your Mac is water damaged bring it to us ASAP so we can clean it up to reduce the extent of the damage and cost of fixing it.

*Dead AC Adaptor

When the Mac “refuses” to turn on (with no lights on panel) a dead AC adaptor could be the cause of the problem. We can do a thorough diagnostic to identify the problem first (whether it’s related to the adaptor, keyboard or motherboard) then perform the repair.

*Mac Keeps Shutting Down

This is usually caused by an overheating CPU. When the temperature threshold has been reached, the machine’s processor will shut down immediately to prevent damage. If you’re facing this problem, bring your laptop to us so we can fix the issue.

*Keyboard Not Working

If you recently spilled liquid in your mac and a few keys are not working on your keyboard (or may be even the whole keyboard isn’t working) don’t panic. Bring it to us and we will get it back working as perfectly as usual.

*Install Windows for Mac

Are you tired of Mac OS and would like to switch to a Windows system? We have handled hundreds of such cases and we can help you make this switch. Or if you just want a complete Mac OS reload, we can help you bring the operating system back to its original format.

We also help solve the following mac issues

Broken power jack

Dim screen

Broken LCD

No video

Computer Repair Mosman

We handle all uncertain Mac problems. We do a detailed diagnostic, and then tell you what the problem is and roughly how much it is going to cost you to fix it. Note: Always back up your Mac onto Time Machine before bringing it to us.

We don’t require you to make reservations to inquire about Mac repairs Services for Sydney clients.

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