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 Eastern Suburbs Data Recovery

Data Recovery is the retrieval of lost data from storage media that has been corrupted or damaged in some way which salvaged if the Data Recovery procedure is carried out expertly and promptly by our team of professionals covering the Sydney eastern suburbs and upper and lower north shore including the hills area of Sydney.. At ComputerRepairsPro  our experienced pc, and Data Recovery Eastern Suburbs Expert!  provides retrieval services for all types of storage media such as hard drives, memory cards, usb sticks, etc all brands of laptops, personal/desktop computers, pda’s.

The Eastern Suburbs is located east and south-east of the Sydneys CBD in Sydney, Australia.

Data loss occurs mainly due to these following system failures

  • Boot Failures

  • Accidental Data Deletion.

  • Inaccessible drives or partitions

  • Data corruption

  • Hard Drive Failures

  • Hard Drive Crashes

  • Fire and water damage

  • Surface contamination and damage

  • Virus attacks

How do we recover data from system hard drive failures?

Hard drive data recovery involves replacing the defective components such as read/write head assemblies, logic control components and drive spindle motors. In most cases the recovery process for hard drives is usually done in a ‘clean room’ as hard drives are sealed to avoid errors caused by dust or other particles. We even do chip transplants from USB/Memory cards to facilitate the recovery of your precious data!


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