PC Computer Repairs Sydney: We Repair and Service Computers

Techrp is a locally owned and operated Pc Mac computer repair facility providing reliable and affordable, friendly and helpful computer services in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. We are experts in all types of desktop computer and laptop repair work.

Our Sydney Computer repair technicians have a great deal of experience repairing all types of computer systems, including Apple and small business server environments.


Techcrp is ready to assist individuals and businesses throughout Sydney with their computer system issues. Call us today on 0408 166 532 to speak with a computer expert and get help today. Our clients keep returning to us because of our helpful service.


What computer repair services does Techrp in Sydney provide?

Our Computer technicians can help with removing viruses, fixing email problems, recovering lost files, connecting a printer and setting up a wireless network. We provide free quotations.

We also provide computer repair services that speed up your computer and the internet. If you have dropped or broken your backup drive or your hard drive is clicking or making noises and hence not being recognised by your computer we offer Data Recovery Services as well.

We sell Software and Hardware accessories. We service Laptops of all makes and models as well as MacBooks and iMacs and computer PC Desktops.

Just call us today and we would be delighted to help you over the phone for free if its something simple, easy and quick to fix in a couple of minutes.


Overview of a Computer Repair Technician

An individual who upkeeps and repairs computer systems and servers is called a computer repair technician.


Data Recovery, System Administration, Networking, and Information Systems are some areas of expertise for knowledgeable computer system repair specialists. Computer system mistakes can be as insignificant as an inaccurate setting or as severe as the replacement of hardware or a complete operating system rebuild.


Advanced software application repairs in some cases consist of running commands straight from the command line or customizing entries and values in the Windows Registry.

Data Recovery

Hard disk drives and disc arrays are just 2 examples of the peripherals that specialists handle and sometimes repair. The procedure of retrieving lost information or data from a defective or unusable hard disk is referred to as Data Recovery. Installed applications and the Windows Registry can be brought back to a previous state on a Microsoft Windows system if a restore point was created and protected (typically on the computer system’s hard disk.